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For a well established appliance repair service in Tulsa, OK, call on Conley's Appliance Center, who has been in operation since 1989. For many years we have offered a wide range of services including Used Appliances, Appliance Repair, Refrigerators and much more. We have the experience to repair your appliances efficiently, on schedule and within your budget, every time! We pride ourselves on our customer service and our affordable rates. When you need the best for your appliances in Tulsa, OK, call on Conley's Appliance Center, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service.

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Refrigerators are one of, if not the, most important appliances that you will own in your home. You need a trusted and reliable brand to make sure you and your family have constant access to your nutrition choices, and that they won’t go bad early. <br /><br />Our selection of appliance options provide just that in all of our models. You can also choose what upgrades and storage sizes you want with our refrigerators, the different models able to accommodate any situation or kitchen size! <br />


Washers are one half of one of the biggest inventions around. A washing machine makes doing laundry a dream, getting your clothes clean from a hard day's work in a speedy manner. While reports of which model is better varies every day, there are two major types of washing machines available on the market. <br /><br />They are the front loader and top loader types, and in appearance the major difference is where the door is located at-either on the top like a hatch or on the front side of the machine in a port-hole style set up. No matter what model you desire, our dedicated location has a wide inventory to suit your needs! <br />


The other half of the dynamic laundry-doing-duo is the much used and appreciated dryer machine. Dryers take your clean, wet clothes from the washer and gets them, you guessed it, dry and ready for another wear! <br /><br />This appliance is a must for modern homes, and with a wide array of models to choose from you need a seasoned hand in selecting which one best fits your needs. Our extensive inventory has everything you could desire from a drying machine, and we cannot wait to assist you! <br />

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